What Independence Day Means to Me

Scott Brown had a contest detailed here, asking participants to describe what Independence Day means to them in 250 words or less. I missed the deadline because I just found out about it, but thought I’d share what I would have entered:

Independence Day means sweat and sweetness. It means a day at the beach or park with the kids, while they run around like wild banshees. It’s 90 degrees out, but we don’t care. Popsicles melt down chins, and I go through an entire box of baby wipes in a vain attempt to wipe faces and hands.

It means breaking out glow-in-the-dark necklaces as the sun sets. We break the tubes inside, the delicious crackling releasing chemicals into the plastic rope that will glow for hours. The children become nothing more than flashes of neon as they run through the dark.

The men poke at the fire, each letting their inner pyro-maniac out to play. My husband always wins, of course, and the flames are soon ready for marshmallow toasting.

Marshmallow goo and melted chocolate and cookie crumbs cover little faces. And, um, mine too. I lament the empty baby wipes box, but a friend comes to the rescue and shares hers with our sticky family.

The fireworks come, and our toddler gleefully screams, “Mores!” after each boom. A massive explosion of color in the sky, and my husband kisses me while we hold our exhausted yet filled-to-the-brim-with-joy daughters.

We revel in America.

This country totally rocks.

Republican Delusion

This morning I came across one of the more delusional articles I’ve read recently. Aside from anything on the Daily Kos, that is. Written by Brent Budowsky, the piece attacked Matt Drudge as being a propagandist and anyone that reads his site as being fed biased opinions.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

Drudge only reports the polls he likes, which gives a warped view of the state of the nation.

It is true that countless lazy individuals in media just read Drudge, patronize his propaganda, and parrot his party line like robots. His influence is unquestioned and immense.

Drudge may not report it, but the healthcare bill passing has put the president on the upswing, Democrats lead Republicans in the Gallup poll, the negatives of the healthcare bill are starting to recede, independents are alienated by right-wing extremism, the jobs picture I predict will soon brighten, and the Democratic base is finally being motivated.

Drudge only reports on the stories he likes, but NBC, CBS, and ABC report on everything, fairly and squarely? Mmm-hmmm. Yup, and they parrot Drudge all the time. Right. (You can’t see me, but I’m rolling my eyes as I write this.) If you believe that major media outlets didn’t (and still do!) have a slobbering love affair with Obama, then I can’t help you. Seriously. Move along. Come back when you start to realize that hard work and integrity built our country, not entitlement and handouts.

As for the passage of the health care bill raising President Obama’s approval rating… all I can say is duh. All the people that were upset with him because he hadn’t passed the bill yet are soothed by his rhetoric once again. That doesn’t mean much. Just because a picture is worth a thousand words:

One more thing. If independents are alienated by right-wing extremism, how does Mr. Budowsky explain Scott Brown? Bob Mcdonnell? Chris Christi? Shall I go on? I’m sure the list will be quite extensive come November.

But who knows? Maybe I’m just a deluded Republican. At least I’m in good company. I’ll take Matt Drudge any day of the week over Keith Olbermann.

Scott Brown

The newly elected and seated Senator from Massachusetts introduced Mitt Romney at CPAC.  It was a surprise visit, and the crowd erupted when he came on stage.  My friend Jimmie Bice said, “Senator Hunky Pants is here.  Yeah, I said it.”  He is kinda cute.  In that rugged, good-looking way.  If you’re into that.  Please excuse me while I fan myself for a moment.

Ok, I’m back.

Senator Brown started out by introducing himself, saying, “I’m Scott Brown, the newly elected REPUBLICAN Senator from Massachusetts.”  Lots of applause on that one.  Then he answered the number one question he’d been asked so far at the conference, “Yes, I drove my truck here.  It’s parked outside.”  Even more applause.

Rugged.  If you’re into that.

He asserted the need for greater accountability and transparency in Washington, and used his election win as proof that Americans are demanding it.  We can change what’s happening in America, and we can do it from the ground up.  His campaign was truly a grassroots one, his first rally could have been held in a phone booth.  Through the power of new media and citizen journalists, he was able to get his message of fiscal responsibility out, and the people responded.

As he was introducing Mitt Romney, he heaped praise on him, saying that he was such an encouragement during his campaign.  That’s nice.  Really, I’m sure Romney is a nice guy.  I’m sure Scott Brown is too.  And Massachusetts needs Republicans like them.  Much better than Martha Coakley or Deval Patrick.  I will encourage and support Republicans like that in a state so blue it’s navy.

But they aren’t our guys for the top of the ticket in 2012.

Sigh of Happiness & Relief

BOSTON – In an epic upset in liberal Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to win the U.S. Senate seat held by the late Edward M. Kennedy for nearly half a century, leavingPresident Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in doubt and marring the end of his first year in office.

My Eyes are Glued on Massachusetts

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching in awe as Scott Brown has exploded onto the national scene.  To think it was just over a month ago that I first learned his name, scoffing at the irrelevance of it.  Why even have a special election for the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy’s death?  Seriously people, it’s Massachusetts.  Just give the thing to Democrat Martha Coakley.  But niceties (not to mention policies) must be observed, and if Scott Brown thought he had a shot at winning the thing, well more power to him.

The man hit the ground running.  He campaigned all over the state in his pick-up truck, winning over the electorate with his common sense approach to government and politics.  He took advantage of new media, establishing an online presence through sites like Facebook and Twitter.  He raised funds from all over the country using the slogan 41st Vote (He would break the Democrat 60-seat super majority in the Senate if elected).

Meanwhile, Coakley went on vacation.  And members of her staff pushed reporters down instead of answering questions.  And we’ve been learning all sorts of crazy things about her record as an Attorny in Massachusetts (which she can’t even spell, by the way). Things like releasing a man without bail after he raped his 22 month old toddler with a curling iron.  Or plea bargaining with a pedophile priest, allowing him to molest again.  You know, silly stuff like that.

Even with her soft spot for disgusting vile men who like to violate and irreparably harm children, there’s still a shot that she’ll get elected for her position on the health care bill currently making its rounds in Congress.  She says she’ll vote for it.  Scott Brown says he won’t vote for it.

Ms. Coakley failed to realize that her advantage might just be her downfall.  Massachusetts already has government health care.  And it’s not working.  And the voters know it.

So go forth, Massachusetts!  Go forth and vote for the man that will kill the health care bill that will do nothing but hurt our country’s prosperity!  We’re counting on you.