Democrats + Republicans = Compromise?

The red Republican wave took over the country this past Tuesday (with the exception of California) with the GOP taking back the House of Representatives, several Senate seats, a plethora of governorships, and many local offices.

Nancy Pelosi is going to have to come up with a new twitter handle, as@SpeakerPelosi is no longer apropo.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid narrowly escaped retirement with his win over Tea Party- and Sarah Palin-endorsed Sharron Angle in Nevada, and is now calling for both parties to work together. He told theToday show that Republicans and Democrats need to “build a consensus and move this country along.”

President Obama also called for unity between the two parties. He told reporters on Wednesday, “I think John Boehner and I and Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are going to have to sit down and work together.”

It’s funny how liberals want to compromise and work together only when they’ve lost the upper hand. Just last month, Obama referred to Americans who don’t agree with his ideology as “enemies,” and told Republicans they could come along for the ride, but they had to sit in the back. Harry Reid insultedHispanic Republicans, implying that they must be stupid if they choose conservatism over liberalism. Because, you know, they’re not individual people capable of making their own choices — they’re just another voting block.

In addition to accusations and name-calling, Democrats don’t exactly have a long history of willingness to work with Republicans. This past summer, they refused to compromise over unemployment benefits. Harry Reid himself rejected the deal, refusing to pass a bill that wouldn’t add to the deficit. And who can forget all the closed-door deals during the health care debate? What about that $819 billion stimulus billthat passed the house without a single Republican vote? These things don’t exactly scream of a party that is interested in bipartisanship.

Just three years ago, Harry Reid flat-out stated for the record, “We’re not going to compromise.”

The proof is in the pudding. Democrats don’t want compromise. Republicans shouldn’t give it.

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Harry Reid, Hispanics, and Identity Politics

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?”

Well, I don’t know how anyone can vote based on identity politics. No one should vote for one party or another because they’re Mexican, black, female, or a circus carnie.

I’m not a Republican because I’m a blonde California mom that drinks too much Coke Zero. To say that is to say that Republicans treat my kind of people and other minorities differently than they treat other groups.

The fact is that every single person in the United States is a minority, and impossible to fit into a little box. Statistically speaking, I’m young and a woman, so I should vote Democrat. On the other hand, I’m pro-life and a homeowner, so I should vote Republican.

Democrats love women, but hate anyone against abortion. Democrats say they want kids to get a great education, but then deny the access to it by not allowing school vouchers. How is one supposed to align themselves with a party based on identity politics, when every person is a unique individual made up of a little of this and a little of that?

Republicans don’t play identity politics because they don’t need to. The truth is, Republican Party values are better for everyone, not just select groups of people.

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