Election Results: California Goes Crazy

While much of the country rejoices in last night’s GOP wins (HelloSenator-Elect Rubio!), California conservatives weep. Jerry Brownwas elected, Barbara Boxer won, prop 23 failed — and pot wasn’t legalized, so we can’t even dull the pain with a reefer.

Jerry Brown is entering his third term as California Governor (he was elected in 1974 and reelected in 1978). Due to grandfathering laws, he was (unfortunately) eligible to run again in this cycle. Given his experience, it should be easy to see what kind of governor he will be over the next four years.

In eight years as governor, Jerry Brown managed to turn a $6 billion surplus into a $1 billion deficit, did serious damage to our education system, and watched the unemployment rate soar under his leadership. In 1992, he admitted that he lied about everything as a politician, and in 2010, he refused to condemn someone from his office for calling opponent Meg Whitmanwhore. He believes that raising taxes and imposing business-crippling mandates will save California.

Socialism worked so well in Cuba. Or was it the USSR? Venezuela? Bueller?

As for Barbara Boxer … what can I say? She’s one of the most liberal members of the Senate. She’s an elitist that cares more about trees and smelts than people.

And prop 23 failed to pass. It would’ve suspended California’s very own cap & tax law, AB 32, until unemployment could be reduced to 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. Obviously, the best way to save the environment is to drive all businesses out of California. Why don’t we all go back to the days of horse drawn buggies, when manure was piled on the streets? Remember, trees are more important than people!

In other California news, San Francisco hates children. The board of supervisors voted Tuesday to limit toys in children’s meals to those that meet certain nutritional guidelines. That’s right — San Francisco banned Happy Meals. Meanies.

Voting might be over for this year, but there’s still one thing to bet on: How long until California completely collapses?

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Pamela Gorman: Conservative Candidate and (Gasp!) a Woman

It is quite the primary season for Republican women. Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman have won the Republican primaries in California, for Senator and Governor, respectively. Sharron Angle is poised to face Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race come November, and Nikki Haley won her gubernatorial primary in South Carolina.

There are other conservative chicks* running for reelection (Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn come to mind), and some like Robin Smith and Pamela Gorman have not yet faced their primaries.

But for the purposes of this post, I want to focus on Pamela Gorman.

I had an opportunity to chat with the GOP babe** recently about her campaign to represent the 3rd district of Arizona in the United States House of Representatives. Solid conservative John Shadegg currently holds that seat, but the Congressman is retiring to spend more time with his family and to do whatever else it is that you do when you retire.

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Demon Sheep

Afternoons are crazy in my house.  Just after 2, Thing 2 will wake up screaming from her nap, if she went to sleep at all.  If not, then I’ll usually rescue her from her evil crib at that time.  Then we fight over what she should have for a snack.  She always wants a cupcake.  And I always say, “No cupcake!”  At which point she collapses into a fit of sobs and tears.  Eventually she’ll decide that she really does want the cheese/fruit/triscuits/other tasty wholesome snack, pick it up off the floor where’s she’s thrown it and eat it.

After that debacle, it’s usually time to go pick up Thing 1 from school and run an errand or two.  Today we had to get some new tires for my truck.  We went to Costco because I had some giftcards, plus you can get ice cream while you wait.  Into the tire center.  I know I need two at least, but think, “Hmm, do I really want to be back here in 3-6 months to replace the other two?  Nope!”  So I order up four new tires.  The very polite service guy rattles of a price of eight hundred dollars and change.  I’m not sure exactly, he lost me at eight hundred.  Two new tires will be just fine thankyouverymuch.  I tried not faint or choke or vomit as I forked over enough money to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii.  Then I spent some time day dreaming about Hawaii.

Of course I was slammed back to reality when Thing 1 tipped over Thing 2’s stroller in the tire department at Costco.*

Thankfully there was no line, so it was only a 45 minute wait.  We got some ice cream to share and I got a diet coke.  I haven’t been buying it regularly any more, because I can’t find find a twelve pack for less than $5, and let’s face it: that’s extortion.  I blissfully sipped my chemically caffeinated goodness while Things 1 & 2 raced to see who could eat more ice cream faster.  Turns out Thing 1, although she paid for it dearly with a massive brain freeze that I refused to listen to her whine about.

New tires, sugared up children, and a broke Jenny headed home.  I opened up my laptop and tweetdeck, trying to ignore the cacophony of, “I don’t want to do my homework!!!” and “Cupcake!” surrounding me.  And I saw avatar pics of terminator sheep with glowing red eyes.  And lots of tweets with the hashtag #demonsheep.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

So I tweeted: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is with the #demonsheep??

And I was immediately rewarded with links.  I love Twitter.  It satisfies my impatient nature.

The evil terminator demon sheep appear in an ad for Carly Fiorina, a sometimes fiscally conservative running for the republican nod to run against Senator Please-Don’t-Call-Me-Ma’am-Boxer in California.  The ad slams an even more liberal republican than herself, Tom Campbell. And for some reason, it’s filled with demon sheep.

It made my whole day.

Demon Sheep

*No toddlers were harmed in the making of this post.  Unless you consider cupcake denial to be harmful.  In which case, it was torturous.