Dear Mr. Unavailable …

I have to break up with you. I’m sorry, I know this comes as shock, but I just can’t do it anymore. I love you, and I have loved you since I first started dating in my teen years. Actually, I think I’ve loved you since I was about seven and I chased you around on the playground.

I always thought I could fix you, Mr. Unavailable. That if I were patient enough, loving enough, kind enough, smart enough, enough enough, you would suddenly and magically transform into someone that wanted to go all in with me.

You have misled me too many times and frankly, I’m tired of your crap.

I finally, finally got it — I can’t fix you. God knows I’ve tried. But I’m not the real fixer, He is, and for some reason it’s a lesson I have to live over and over.

It doesn’t matter why you’re unavailable, Mr. Unavailable, because the end result is the same for me. I slip into the comfortable relationship with you because it’s so familiar. I know this dance. Or should I say I know what it’s like to be a wallflower in love, waiting for you to finally pick me.

I say I want a nice guy, but instead I’ve been picking the challenging ones. The ones that don’t love Jesus, or the ones that say they do but don’t mean it. The workaholics, the underachievers, the closeted gays, the ones that aren’t over their exes, or the ones that only text at midnight after a few drinks — I’m not making excuses for you anymore.

Why am I waiting for you to love me, Mr. Unavailable, when I’ve had a perfect love in front of me this whole time? Jesus loves me, and if I’m good enough for Him, then I’m good enough for me too.

I don’t know what your problem is, but I have finally recognized my part in it. I trusted in myself and my own abilities too much while simultaneously doubting my own value. Isn’t that insane? No wonder I keep pursuing crazy men.

Needless to say, it’s not you, it’s me. I didn’t get divorced just so I could make the same mistakes over and over again. After three months of first dates and an unrequited crush or two, I’m going to stop obsessing.

If you don’t like me, you don’t like me. I can’t make you like me. Jesus likes me, and you know what? That’s enough for me.

Goodbye Forever,


  1. Jenny, if you’re story is semi-real, let me encourage you to put off dating for another 2 or 3 years. It takes a considerable chunk of time to get healthy after a divorce.

    • Anonymous says:

      True… you don’t want a “rebound.”

    • Urgent Message to Leif Erikson says:

      An urgent message to Leif Erikson:

      Dude, bro, get your daughters away from this slut. Let me tell you something, there is no one easier to fuck than a single mother who drinks and uses “diet pills.”

      Sorry to say, but Jenny is probably going to get banged out by about 20 guys in the next couple of years. Any given one of them could slip her a Xanax and head into your girls’ rooms.

      Do whatever it takes. Get them out of there.

    • even if you destroyed your “Godly” family by choice? She’s looking tor the BIG cockaasss she always wanted, but never thought she could get. Turns out, she still can’t
      If your believe in The big man upstairs like she does and I used to, pray for those girls to go live with their Dad as soon as they can

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  2. Cardfish says:

    Jenny will convert to Islam. Bank on it.

  3. Let not the wife depart from her husband. But if she departs, let her remain unmarried let her be reconciled to her husband.

    … if as long her husband lives, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress…..

    …and he that marries her that is divorced commits adultery.

  4. DeepThought says:

    I believe you are being used as an example for many of the shallowness and selfishness of many women and that includes women who call themselves Christian but do not practice the faith.

    For example: Your tattoo you are so proud to flaunt.
    Leviticus 19:28, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord.”

    how much more clearer can the Bible be? It says no to tattoos and what do you do? get a Tattoo and flaunt it over the internet?

    You divorce …and flaunt it over the internet.

    You get ex-communicated and flaunt it over the internet.

    Form for Excommunication:

    As you know we have announced to you the great sin committed and the grievous offense given by our fellow-member, Jennifer Erikson, to the end that, by your Christian admonitions and prayers, she might come to her senses, turn to God, and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will (2 Tim. 2:26).

    [Another side note. Snare of the Devil. I’m sorry, but I just snorted. Y’all should’ve heard it. It was totally sexy. Snare. Of. The. Devil.]

    …So yeah that happened.

    Sexy??? What part of Christian woman do you not understand? It is obvious to many that you lack a total grasp of what it means to be a Christian woman.

    And keep sleeping around. I am positive it will work out for you. Go Go Girl Power!

  5. God hates you, you filthy whore. Jesus hates you too. You are going to burn in hell, you vile filthy WHORE!

  6. Bob Robertson says:

    Man, is this woman for real? She is narcissistic and a whore. She is today’s American woman, fed by media that instructs her that her every whim should come true. Told that all men should be hankering for her and there to be her prince charming at her back and call.

    Screw that. If you are man reading this, don’t bother with American women. They are a lost cause.

    This one will end of a fat alcoholic with some very screwed up children.

  7. justtryingtohelp says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Here is some light reading for you:

    Basically, what it is saying is PRETEND to be what a single mother is looking for and she will let you bang her like a bowling ball. Works pretty well in my experience.

    Not saying this is the only kind of guy you will find, but it would sort of be karmic justice (since you pretended to marry Leif and all).

  8. Jenny, I only know you from a hole in the ground because of your recent post on the HuffPost, but got an inkling from one to the respondents to that, that you might be an obsession of the crazed denizens of the “men’s rights activist” set.

    Have you perhaps considered turning off the comments feature on all of your posts for a while until they crawl back into their caves or find someone else to obsess over? I notice that your posts are relatively sparse, which would be another way of throwing the scent off, but you shouldn’t have to silence yourself to be rid of nasty MRA types. That’s no better idea than was never voicing your concern with something in your marriage or always following your husband’s lead even when he was wrong.

    Not that I’m crazy for your conservative politics, but I have some sympathy for a woman of any political leaning who has become the favorite hate object of vitriol-spewing misogynists.

    • justtryingtohelp says:

      It could be that she knows she deserves it. Or possibly that the posts are helping her to understand. See, the basic concept is that Wave 2 Feminism (aka man hatred) has penetrated so deeply into the culture that it is hard to identify where it is coming from–like an echo chamber.

      And since women tend to be more sensitive to cultural pressures to conform, they are acting like nasty skanks without even realizing it. They initiate the vast majority if divorces and then go get banged out by 50 dudes because they think they are being empowered by it.

      In reality, they end up alone and bitter; loved by no one but their collection of cats because they are undeserving of anything more. And they don’t know why, so it’s frustrating.

      Jenny has a unique opportunity to learn from her mistakes because she has been identified as a scion of all that the “manosphere” has been warning about. Maybe that’s why she is letting it continue, at least subconsciously.

      • justtryingtohelp says:

        What would be really interesting is if she had an epiphany, went back to Leif (or at least apologized–who knows if he would have her back) and then joined in the fight against the pernicious evil of Wave 2 feminism.

    • ProudFather says:

      Mary Sez: “the crazed denizens of the “men’s rights activist”

      Ahh, right… just label the victims of injustice ( aka “family” court system ) as “crazed.” What a great idea! That way you won’t have to face the reality that American men are getting FED UP, and the Internet now allows us to not feel like the only one who’s lives have been destroyed.

      I promise you this: most men are very longsuffering, and would rather just take abuse, than fight.
      But the genie is out of the bottle now, and men always have one “Nuclear option” in this whole mess.

      To collectively tell women “to h*** with you.”

      And it IS happening, and ther is NOTHING you can do to stop it, sweetie.

  9. The comments on this blog should be compiled and broadcasted nationwide. “Conservative christians” expose themselves as the neo fascists that they truly are.

    And I don’t know anything about that Leif guy, but I feel sorry for any woman who would be in contact with the so called men who harrass this woman. I hope anyone married to you guys has the common sense of filing for divorce. Those poor kids of yours….

    • justtryingtohelp says:

      Why would I marry a western woman when I can bang them like a bowling ball any day of the week?

      • You tell me.
        Leave women, children and old people alone, please.

        • justtryingtohelp says:

          Because they are the weaker sex, right? Until they are feeling empowered and “lean in.” And then they get tired of that and are the weaker sex again, right?

        • justtryingtohelp says:

          And, I will tell you, I would never, ever, ever marry a woman who has been influenced by the ascendant second wave feminism over the last 40 years.

          • Good for those women and their families. Any reason that keeps the likes of you from a woman is a good one in my book.

  10. Tried to send a blah blah msg but then server went down and can’t find email, but in any event, this comments section is rather interestingly and unexpectedly rock n’ roll but just wanted to inform JE that we featured your quote in our Sleepwalker statue media coverage compilation: over 5000 articles in 96+ countries, 800 TV broadcasts.

    I’m sure the Sleepwalker thanks you for helping to pile on the publicity.

  11. Hey Jenny,

    I just wanted to comment on THIS POST, LOL.

    Loved it. Totally a universal problem, as Mrs. unavailable has been a real pain in my ass. You ever do the I’m-breaking-up-with-me-for-you conversation?

    “No, really, you don’t like me! Trust me! It’s cool, I’m not upset, I just don’t want to waste either of our time anymore.”

    I enjoy your writing, keep it up!


  12. You’re stupid and fat. No one cares about your ugly life

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  14. Truly a great blog! So unintentionally hilarious that I’m in shock and awe. Quintessential young woman behavior. Dump the loyal and patient husband so she can run off and bang hot guys. Except she’s not hot enough for the hot guys so she just gets pumped and dumped, over and over and over.

    Will probably wind up marrying some shlub even more pathetic than her ex-husband, while the ex-husband will marry a younger, prettier girl. I’d bet money on it.

    Love it! Fiction couldn’t be written as well.

  15. nikfury69 says:

    Dear Jenny,

    Thanks for your honesty and openess in sharing your life, marriage and walk with Christ.

    I’m a father whose son wouldn’t believe in the Red Pill and women’s self interests.

    You have been proof needed for him to realize the real truth about most women and their concern about themselves over their children, husbands/marriage or even their deity.

    Thank you very much!

  16. nikfury69 says:

    Dear Jenny,

    Thanks for your honesty and openesJis in sharing your life, marriage and walk with Christ.

    I’m a father whose son wouldn’t believe in the Red Pill and women’s self interests.

    You have been proof needed for him to realize the real truth about most women and their concern about themselves over their children, husbands/marriage or even their deity.

    Thank you very much!

  17. Schlomo Steinberg says:

    Dude nailed it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yup, pretty much… it’s been done before and is sorta obvious by now, sorry.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Not me… another Anonymous, just sayin’.

  20. Martel, I think for the most part those are really just problems that the US is laboring under. OK maybe the UK a little too, I’m not totally certain about that. The rest of the developed world seems to be doing OK.

    Welfare checks replace fathers? Maybe, but quite possibly the father wouldn’t have been paying the bills anyway. Different problem, unrelated to divorce.
    Deficits are out of control? How does that relate to divorce?
    Prisons are overcrowded? From what? Divorce?
    Kids are graduating college with six figures in debt (and useless degrees too!), because of divorce?

    Point is, yes all those things are sucky, and definitely making a dent in the standard of living in the US, but the problem isn’t because of divorce. Divorce is one of many symptoms of a much more insidious problem, which all of these problems you listed are also symptomatic of.

    I just read an article elsewhere about the tradition of going to college, which stated that students are not graduating after a four year degree with the skills that employers require – problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, or communication. How can anyone be graduating ELEMENTARY SCHOOL without these skills?

  21. Not intending to derail the conversation, but Martel you are rational enough to see that Jenny’s problem, and all the other problems you list out, stem from a lack of skills in these very areas. Areas which, I dare say, people in 1900 probably had a better handle on.

  22. Joseph of Jackson says:


    You need to go to a voice for men dot com and look at their research. The correlation to single mother households and likely hood of conviction of crime are undeniable. Many of the issues we face as a society are directly related to the breakdown of the nuclear family. Jenny is a perfect example of what happened to those family values and it’s women driving this as 70% + of all divorces are initiated by women. We have women to thank for quite a lot of the social ills we face today. Jenny is one of the problem people and it’s time she heard it as I’m sure her pastor won’t touch this subject with a ten foot pole.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well, Common Core will make sure NOBODY will graduate any school with them… fair’s fair, you know.

  24. Can’t wait to hear Cheryl’s reply.

  25. I disagree with you on this point actually Martel.

    1) Women who have slept with many men before marriage are much less likely to want marriage in the first place, so lower divorce rate there.

    2) If they do marry, they delay it and consequently have a much lower rate of divorce because they’ve likely thought it through a bit longer and have worked through the mistakes of youth.

    3) Incidentally, the divorce rate in the US is substantially higher than all other nations. And so is the percentage of evangelical Christians. Coincidental? Nope. Young marriages are the leading cause of divorce! Evangelicals marry young and have the highest rate of divorce in the country, substantially higher than all other US population segments. Even atheists! And living near evangelicals seems to make divorce contagious!

    4) Seeking a chaste wife from among the christian “good girls” could actually be making things worse for you, because you assume that they’ll be good wives simply because they’re christian without actually doing the legwork. That is bad advice actually, whoever told you that was a good bet steered you wrong. Your dad, I bet. Or your pastor…

  26. And incidentally, Jenny is no feminist.

  27. Regarding marriage rate vs. number of sexual partners; data, please. One piece that does strike me is that when one looks at the infamous data showing how “high” the Southern divorce rate is, it’s actually lower than that in New England–at least when one looks at divorces per 1000 married couples instead of divorces per 1000 adults. One would have to infer that, New England people being of the same basic stock as southerners, they’re no less fond of sex, and hence by the time they get married, their “N” is higher.

    And, for what it’s worth, so is their divorce rate when you measure it in the right units, divorces per married couples. So yes, a high “N” is poison to long term relationships. It’s like there is some bonding being done there.

  28. Cheryl,

    “If they do marry, they delay it and consequently have a much lower rate of divorce because they’ve likely thought it through a bit longer and have worked through the mistakes of youth.”

    And your evidence for this is? Their lack of bonding ability, due to so many broken relationships, will play havok with any future marriage. People don’t become good because they make lots of mistakes. They become good because they make a decision to apply the transforming power of Christ to their lives, pushing through the tough parts to stay true to what is right.

    Jenny would be pathetic if it was only her, but she toasted the lives of her own children in the process. That is reprehensible. Read some of the past posts for details on that. She is effectively being a Christian in name only. Not a good place to be and a good way to ruin your life and those of your children.

    Note too that whether Jenny claims to be a feminist is completely irrelevant. She is just as destructive as any feminist and that is what counts. Jenny is #1 in her life and she is reaping the rewards of that incorrect order.

  29. @Cheryl

    “1) Women who have slept with many men before marriage are much less likely to want marriage in the first place, so lower divorce rate there.”

    How is that a lower divorce rate? No marriage is no divorce rate, not a lower one. You can’t break something that isn’t together.

    “2) If they do marry, they delay it and consequently have a much lower rate of divorce because they’ve likely thought it through a bit longer and have worked through the mistakes of youth.”

    “Thought it through a bit longer” just sounds like code for “got their fill of sleeping around and realized that their baby making years have an expiry date, so they better hurry it up now.”

    “3) Incidentally, the divorce rate in the US is substantially higher than all other nations. And so is the percentage of evangelical Christians. Coincidental? Nope. Young marriages are the leading cause of divorce! Evangelicals marry young and have the highest rate of divorce in the country, substantially higher than all other US population segments.”

    Yes, but Indians marry just as young, if not younger, and have some of the lowest rates of divorce. Christianity and age have nothing to do with divorce, as there was far more Christianity and young marriages 80 years ago, and a lot less divorce. Then again, people actually matured earlier back then, and took marriage a little more seriously.

    Now everybody is delaying adulthood for as long as possible.

  30. What does it make men who leave their wives? Unfortunate good men who married badly?

  31. You’re marrying the wrong cats.

  32. Apollyon says:

    No. Men are never good even if their wives leave them. Think rich, Alpha male leaves middle aged wife for young secretary. This is, of course, a small minority of divorces, but it gets plenty of attention from women. My own mother was shocked when I told her that women initiate 2/3 of divorces (she was convinced it was the man leaving the woman for a younger model – never mind the impossibility of this as a majority).

    Brain-washing is strong. I know my mother will be trying to rationalize how women could initiate 2/3 of divorces (she’s happily married and can’t understand divorce). She will likely conclude that it is due to bad husbands. We have been told, esp. by the Church, that women want relationships not casual sex. They appear to only want commitments from Alpha males. Regular men are boring.

  33. R. Perry says:

    I’d say that men who leave their wives fall under the same condemnation as women who leave their husbands per Matthew 5 and elsewhere, at least unless adultery (or possibly abuse/abandonment) is involved.

    My apologies if I’m supposed to fall into the bin of “team man” vs. “team woman”. :^)

  34. Well, I’m not going to say that men are bad and always to blame, I know that’s not the case, I know that there are many horrid women around, and I understand that you’d feel angry that you’re taking an unfair share of the blame for that – sincerely. But I also suspect you wont believe me when I tell you that most men, even the “good ones,” are not the loving, heroic gentlemen that the manosphere seems to believe they are. If only! Good character, Apollyon, is a rare find indeed.

    But then I have an aversion to both judgmental people and disingenuous people (both male and female). Neither are truly capable of being honest or loving, they can’t be trusted not to use you for their benefit and, just as fast, turn on you for any violation. Somewhat limits one’s options, doesn’t it, since that seems to be the large majority of people.

    Also, I am really saddened to know that the church has been at the forefront of perpetuating this terrible lie about the genders. Women are human too, with all the same human weaknesses and character struggles that men have. It might not be a bad thing if we could all learn to accept that fact instead of pretending that women are :”fallen” from a pedestal that the church invented.

  35. BoredSilly says:

    If you ever actually read the research – there is usually an agreement between husband and wife that she file. It’s an out of date, gentlemanly gesture that I doubt you would know much about.

  36. I agree about men leaving their wives, but is that how most people see it?

    Use the example of cheating. If a man cheats on his wife, he’s obviously a horny selfish dog. If a woman cheats on her husband, obviously he wasn’t doing enough to care for her emotioinal needs. Either way, it’s ultimately his fault.

    You may be even-handed in your own assessments, but most others most assuredly are not.

  37. Not so much a question of “who’s team are you on”, Sir Perry, at least not for me anyway. Your mates here might think otherwise, but not me. I just want some context.

    SO let me get this straight. A person who divorces their spouse for adultery, abandonment or abuse is forgiven, but anything else is frivolous. Is that the essence of it? Because those three things happen quite a lot – and I suspect that much of it is initiated by women. The male-initiated divorce rate should be much higher! :)

  38. Abandonment particularly. From my interpretation, withholding sex for years is a form of abandonment.

  39. Cheryl

    Regarding the question of allowable reasons for divorce, yes, I would limit it to adultery, abandonment, or serious abuse–we are talking where visits to the emergency room or morgue are plausible here. For lesser abuse (injuries but not grievous or life-threatening), I can make an argument from Scripture (1 Peter 3, Colossians 3:19, elsewhere) that separation would be appropriate.

    And yes, Scripture does seem to suggest that any lesser reason is frivolous.

    Regarding your comment about the divorce rate being higher if spouses acted on adultery, abandonment, and serious abuse, I dearly wish I could disagree with you, but I’ve also seen some ugly statistics and quite frankly wonder why we don’t see a lot more divorces. Perhaps it’s because adulterous men often happen to marry adulterous women?

  40. Sean said: “If I had a blog where I touted my great relationship with Allah while at the same time telling entertaining stories about eating bacon, going to strip joints, sleeping with prostitutes and beating my wife, would it be hateful and judgmental for devout Muslims (i.e., those who really walk the walk and live their religion) to come on my blog and tell me the truth about Islam?”

    Cheryl replied:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    “Yes, it would still be hateful. But that’s not really the point. Well, its one of the points, but not the main point.”

    Before I give up on you as just completely out of your mind, I have to ask — how, specifically, would the actions of the Muslim blog readers I described be hateful? What, specifically, is “hateful” about trying to correct what one perceives to be an incorrect understanding of something one loves and lives by?

  41. Joseph.
    I’ve been there. I read statistics all day for fun, on many sites besides that one, and while I don’t take exception to the statistics on, I do take issue with the value-laden interpretation they put on the data – Women to thank for the social ills we face today – on a site that is blatantly biased.

    Statistics are just that. Partial data sets, without context. The context comes from the spin that the statistics are used to illustrate. For example, the statistics about single mothers and criminal conviction you mention, it leaves out several extremely important and highly relevant statistics: race, poverty, education, and history of abuse. Personally, I think if you want to find the source of the “social ills”, you need to look a little harder – no, a lot harder – than and Dalrock.

    If you want to find women at fault, there are many devices to do so. If you want to find men at fault, there are those devices too. So are we any better off as a society for blaming each other for the problems that we ALL helped create? Not in the least.

  42. If you want MY spin on this, Joseph, I’d say the problem is that stupid people are having children.

  43. Joseph of Jackson says:


    The hilarious part of your post was that all of the data sets you said needed to be taken into account were in the original study that was referenced. The single LARGEST determining factor was being in a single parent household. And since 90% of all single parent households are headed by women…… well that seem statistically reasonable. A voice for men is biased, against feminist hogwash. I don’t care if Jenny is a professing feminist or not. She shows signs of feminism all in her post above so claiming it and being it are two entirely different things.

  44. Sean, “trying to correct what one perceives to be an incorrect understanding of something one loves and lives by” doesn’t look like this:

    “A whore like you who will just ass rape me in divorce and kidnap my kids from me? This has to be a joke, right? RIGHT? Are you really THIS mentally retarded Jenny? You dumb whore.”
    “just die you disgusting cunt.”
    “Jesus hates whores like you Jenny.”
    “That is a sick and deluded world view. “ (that one was yours, Sean)
    “Christian women that divorce…should not be allowed back in church”
    “You are quite the crazy one the way you left your daughters father …”
    “she is a nasty bitch”
    “talking to your Jesus who would probably rape you in a seconds notice!”
    “FUCK YOU! Disgusting Jenny! I would spit in your face you disgraceful coward and a slut!”
    “LOL at this brain-dead cum-dumpster who thinks Jesus having a soft spot for Mary Magdalene means he’s totally cool with home-wrecking whores. Newsflash, sweet-tits, Jesus hates hypocrites and sloots, you’re past your sell-by date, damn shame, too, I’d’ve defo taken you for a test-drive around the mattress 10-15 years ago. Always had a thing for red-heads, but sadly now all you have to look forward to is your corpse being eaten by 25 cats 40 years from now, weeks before anyone even realizes you’re gone. PS I hope Leif remains balls-deep in blonde co-eds with no gag reflexes for the remainder of his days.”
    “Doesn’t work to call a chick you want to bang a slut when you’re just getting to know her. After you’ve banged her, you get her to call herself “your slut.” “
    “I date lots of girls like you.”
    “I am saying that very few guys your age are willing to date without the hope of sex; and enough women are willing to have sex that the “Next!” process is quick. For me personally, two dates.”
    “please kill yourself you stupid ugly cunt slut pig whore disgusting.”
    “Thank fucking God I don’t live in America, if this is the average woman you guys have to put up with, my condolences.”
    “a few years from now, your daughters will return from visits-with-dad with reports of the hot young woman he now has”
    “please show full barefeet jenny. both in the air at the same time”
    I wont even get into poopy diarrhea guy.

    And my favorite:
    “As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town.” Like, how is this relevant? Is Jenny the town, and you guys feel just in attacking it because, erm, you don’t like the way the town lives? Is that your right?

    Sean, religious extremism is violent, aggressive, self-righteous, shame-based behavior conditioning. Using religion as justification for the basest displays of immorality is, in my opinion, the most reprehensible insult to God imaginable. Samuel made a good point when he said “People need to deal with their own problems and stop obsessing over yours.”

  45. jennyisanuglyfatassslut says:

    fuck off you disgusting cum-dumpster jesus whore. Educate yourself then Ill respect you as a human being.

  46. I think any reasonable person over 10 years old would agree that calling a person vile names can be rightly interpreted as hateful. I hate to disappoint you but although you’ve been very thorough in your cataloging of offensive quotes, you’ve covered no new ground nor made any relevant point.

    You have however, completely ignored my question and instead preached what you wanted to preach. Are you an elected official of some kind?

    Since you failed to answer the question, I will assume that I was right. There is nothing “hateful” about attempting to correct those who claim to share your faith when they think those people are in error. I believe JE is in error and I believe her choices were supremely selfish and that they have done serious damage to her husband and her daughters.

    Am I judging her? Nope. She will probably make it to heaven before I do. Am I judging her actions in accordance with a conventional (not conservative — conventional) understanding of scripture? Yes. And I make no apologies for doing so. More people should do likewise.

  47. Considering some rather unpleasant comments came from someone who professes to believe that Jesus didn’t exist, I don’t think it can be classed as religious extremism.

    Human nature is violent, aggressive, self-righteous (see this blog), and frequently involves shaming. Generally (when dealing with women) shaming is the best way of deterring undesired behaviour so it’s used a lot, especially by women.

  48. Cheryl: You quoted me (without context, of course … I guess I could expect nothing less) : ‘“That is a sick and deluded world view. “ (that one was yours, Sean)’

    So.. just to be clear, you consider that “hateful” language?

    I’m back to believing that you are completely off your rocker.

  49. I don’t disagree with you Sean, and for the most part YOUR comments have been well-intentioned. That is not the “hateful” thing I abhor. If you and your peers, Jenny’s supposed conservative Christian peer group, want to have a discussion with her about her obvious misunderstanding of scripture and devotion, I don’t have any issue with this at all. But THAT is not really happening here very much. Occasionally, but not a lot I’m afraid.

    I only object to that particular quote of yours because telling people that their world view is sick and deluded is extremely judgmental (perhaps hateful was too strong a word). However, YOU do not get the privilege of telling people they are deluded because they have a differently understanding of things than you do. Religious discipline, like all forms of discipline, is a very personal subject. Lets take this out of the religious context for a sec. If this were a discipline in, say, martial arts, and you mastered a black belt level in the discipline, would you be inclined to tell a yellow belt student that his reasons for taking up the discipline were misguided? I doubt it. You would be more instructive and supportive, I suspect, if your intention was to actually help. But it isn’t. It seems that your intention is to judge.

    Not that I’m defending her, but from what I’ve read here, Jenny is clearly illustrating that she is learning and has more than once quite humbly admitted that she may have been in error in her understanding of devotion. But not good enough for you guys, clearly, because you just want to throw stones because you think you’re superior.

  50. Joseph of Jackson says:


    It’s called projection. That’s how her world works, so that’s obviously how everyone else’s does as well. We all have this tendency from time to time.

  51. I think Einstein, and most scientists generally, would disagree with your interpretation, Brad. Rarely ever does any experiment (and that’s how most people these days view relationships) work out successfully on the first attempt.

  52. Joseph of Jackson says:

    Except Jenny claims to be Christian. There are certain requirements with that. Marriage is not an experiment. It’s a lifelong commitment. That means that, according to scripture, she is either a Christian who is reveling in her sin, or she isn’t a Christian. Either way, she needs to be called out for acting like a tramp.

  53. “However, YOU do not get the privilege of telling people they are deluded because they have a differently understanding of things than you do.”

    I don’t know where you live Cheryl, but I’m guessing it’s a safe bet most of the commenters here live in a country where they are guaranteed the inalienable RIGHT to tell people they are deluded for pretty much any reason they choose.

    “If this were a discipline in, say, martial arts, and you mastered a black belt level in the discipline, would you be inclined to tell a yellow belt student that his reasons for taking up the discipline were misguided?”

    ABSOLUTELY, and I had an acquaintance in high school who was told just that by several instructors before he found one mercenary enough not to care (he just liked to hurt people and wanted to be better at it.)

    “Jenny is clearly illustrating that she is learning and has more than once quite humbly admitted that she may have been in error in her understanding of devotion.”

    ????? WHEN/WHERE??????? Would that be when she mocked her congregation for judging her, or condemned her pastor for spoiling her chance to blindside her husband?

    “because you just want to throw stones because you think you’re superior.”

    It couldn’t POSSIBLY be because they’re offended by the rank hypocrisy that even you have acknowledged on her part?

  54. You’re a filthy whore Cheryl. Do something useful like kill yourself please.

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