“White Independence Day?” Shut Your Mouth.

Can’t the Fourth of July be the one day that we Americans can put aside our differences and just celebrate being American? We can go our partisan ways on the fifth, but come on, put away your squabbles and enjoy the hotdogs and fireworks, ok people?

But nooooo, Chris Rock and some other numbskulls had to take to twitter to say that America sucks, slavery once existed here, blah, blah, blah, genocide. Seriously on that last one. When, exactly, has America practiced genocide? Never, that’s when.

For everyone that thinks America sucks, why don’t you leave? Nothing’s stopping you. You could go to China, where they routinely strap pregnant women down and abort their third-trimester fetuses due to their insane one-child policy.

I hear Cuba is lovely this time of year. Good thing, because you won’t be watching TV. State police in Cuba will climb onto your roof to remove your satellite dish, because it’s illegal to pick up uncensored media from abroad.

Saudi Arabia might take you, but if you’re a woman, make sure you bring your husband, brother, or father with you, because outside of them, you have no rights. You can’t even drive a car.

Many of the countries in Africa practice female genital mutilation, mostly on little girls. 92 million girls in Africa ten years old and up have had their lady bits hacked at with a knife, with no anesthesia. Now that’s a real war on women.

But none of those atrocities could possibly compare with evil, racist America! Whatever. When America was founded, slavery was a worldwide accepted and ancient practice, and we led the western world in abolishing it within three generations. That’s something to be proud of, not ashamed.

America is awesome. It’s why people want to come here. It’s the best place to work, live, and play. Our cancer survival rates are higher than any other country. We have more toys, more rights, and more opportunities to excel than anywhere else. To say otherwise is a mistruth that dishonors the men and women that fought, and still fight today, for your freedom to say idiotic things.

So shut your mouth, grab a beer and thank whomever it is you praise that you don’t live in Yemen, because alcohol is prohibited there.


  1. Thank you, Jenny…just what I have been thinking about screaming all day today! America IS Exceptional!

  2. Thank you, Jenny, for putting the asinine comments of a washed-up stand-up comedian into perspective. Yes, slavery was a terrible scourge on society, and 618,000 Americans sacrificed their lives in the 1860s to put it to an end.

    Without the sacrifice of the patriots from 1775 until Yorktown six years later, however, there never would have been an Emancipation Proclamation. To cast this holiday aside as a “white” holiday is foolish and wrong. Rock should be thanking God for the sacrifice of the Sons of Liberty and the people who made independence happen. Their efforts made it possible for today’s society to happen,, where a talented comedian can be rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, living free, able to speak his mind, and have his right to disagree defended by the very people he dislikes.

  3. Thanks for this, Jenny. Chris Rock’s comments are particularly galling since America has made him a very wealthy man. and where else would he have the freedom to make such an ass out of himself?

  4. Chris Keth says:

    I agree with the crux of your article but what we did to the native americans in the late 19th century is the genocide you were looking for.



    • They didn’t kill Native Americans for being Native Americans, they killed them because they were attacking them. That’s not genocide.

      • The Trail of Tears comes to mind….that was more about, “we want what you have so you need to leave. No? Okay, we’ll make you walk from Georgia to Oklahoma and to hell with the elderly, children and infirm that die along the way.” Genocide is often only perceived that way from a distance and almost always by people other than those that participated in the act. They wanted all those Cherokee out of their way and since they didn’t regard them as equals in any sense it was irrelevant if they lived or died. Their fate was the result of their racial difference and how it was regarded at the time. And then there was how the Army treated the Sioux. And more…. However, the point still stands…the America of today has denounced those shameful events time and again in formal and informal ways. The Americans of today cannot be held responsible for the actions of Presidents and generals and everyday citizens 200 or 100 or 300 years ago. Spoken as a person of Native American heritage myself…I blame those that did the deed….not the people of today.

  5. Well said, Jenny – we have to smack down these idiots who make a living by being (or maybe pretending to be) racists.

  6. I’m a black American and I agree with you 100%.

    Yes, slavery existed when the Declaration of Independence was drafted. However, America has come a long way in ensuring all of its citizens are equally protected under the law. Every American, regardless of race, equally enjoys the possibilities of individual freedom that the constitution guarantees.

    There are also many black Americans who contributed to our country’s independence. Blacks like Crispus Attucks who died in the Boston Massacre as a martyr and symbol of liberty, honored as an American hero. Blacks like Peter Salem and Salem Poor who were commended for their bravery on Bunker Hill and fought against British troops for America.

    By saying that Independence Day is only for white people discredits the 5,000 black men who fought for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and the black women who supported them as nurses, cooks, etc. They too played a vital role in the Independence that we are privileged to enjoy.

    Everyone wants a “post-racial America”, but its people like Chris Rock that continue to make everything about race. How can we narrow the racial divide if its always the topic of conversation?

    There are no racial lines in any real sense. We are all a human race. The racial lines that exist, are the ones other people created, usually for themselves.

  7. Oh, that national celebrations are too far from the idea of all people from all of the world celebration. Such a pity.

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