Mr. Machete Espouses Republican Ideals … Then Bashes Republicans

Enjoying Balboa Park with Thing 1

Last Saturday, my mom and I took the girls to Balboa Park in celebration of Mother’s Day. We started the day at the farmer’s market, gathering yummies for a picnic lunch, then we went to the Titanic exhibit (Thing 2 declared, “Uh-oh, that boat broked!”), and capped off the trip with a stroll through the park to enjoy the street performers.

I love street performers. As a general rule, I never give money to beggars (sometimes a sack lunch, but not money), but to performers that have worked hard to perfect a craft that they use to entertain and delight people? I’m all for supporting that.

One performer caught our eye, so we wandered over. Dude was juggling machetes. It was pretty cool. Even cooler was when he hopped on a giant unicycle and juggled the massive knives some more, albeit a bit more cautiously this time. S’ok, Mr. Machete, you can juggle those giant sharp things as carefully as you like while riding the six-foot unicycle. I won’t judge.

While he was entertaining the crowd, he mentioned that he would be passing around a hat, and it would be nice if people contributed.

Let me interrupt myself for a minute to tell you that earlier in the performance, he had made a derogatory George Bush joke. It was not well received. He said, “Wow, I knew San Diego was a pretty conservative town, but George Bush! Come on!” More silence, to which he said, “It’s like I’m in Utah,” and moved on.

So he’s up on the unicycle, telling the crowd that it had always been his dream to do this, and our contributions were what made him able to do this, and that in America, anyone can have a dream and work hard and achieve their goals. Total Republican stuff.

As he juggled, the hat was passed, and he asked us to contribute what we could. “If you’re a Republican, put twenty dollars in and prove to me that trickle down economics works!” I was half-tempted to do so, and then ask for a ten back, because as a Democrat (I assume, since he was bagging on Republicans), he should totally be in favor of wealth redistribution, and I needed that ten to give to the beggar down the block.

People need to pay more attention to party platforms. Republicans want you to be able to work hard and keep as much of your money as you can. Democrats like to redistribute your wealth to cowboy poets and postmenopausal yoga classes.


  1. Brooke Rivas says:

    Hi Jenny! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your website – your ideas, comments, views and your humor about things – politics in particular. Sometimes its hard not to stay so angry all the time with what’s going on in our country today. I had my homepage set to FOX News but was getting so upset every time I opened my laptop…I needed a break so I changed my homepage to your blog. I love it! I am also a new mom – my little girl will be one in three weeks! – so I really love reading your posts on The Stir and hearing about your adventures with your girls.

    Thanks again for speaking up and standing up for what you belive in. People these days have stopped thinking for themselves and just ‘go with the flow’ or take the advice that ABC, NBC or MTV gives. It’s a shame and I try not to worry about my daughter’s future but most of the time I can’t help it. I pray that my husband and I will be able to instill strong Christian, conservative values in order to guide her in this in this tough world.

    Thanks again and please don’t stop writing! :)

  2. Jenny the really annoying thing is that no one other than Democrats & anti-free market clowns talks about “trickle down”- it is a meaningless straw man. Investment makes jobs & wages long before it makes return or profit, if it ever makes those. Machete Juggler was politically and economically ignorant. Great blog!

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