Pretty Girl Shows a Little Leg and Shocks Bloggers

For some strange reason, the conservative blogosphere has spent the last three days debating Tina Korbe’s hemline rather than the bottom line on Barack Obama’s budget. Because, you know, that’s what’s important.

Ohmygosh! A pretty girl wore a skirt! Hold the presses! What could she possibly mean by her wardrobe choices? Is it scandalous? Is she advertising?

Geez louise, the things people say are crazy. The chick has nice legs. She showed them off. The last time I checked, this was America, not Saudi Arabia, and women are allowed to show a little leg.

Tina followed the well-dressed girl’s ‘pick one’ rule, which may be a real thing or something I just made up because I like making up my own rules. The ‘pick one’ rule works like this: Pick one physical attribute to play up a bit, then keep the rest covered up.

It’s part of that whole ‘keeping the mystery alive’ thing that mamas used to teach their daughters.

There’s nothing in the world wrong with being pretty. Any girl can be pretty, because pretty comes from being happy and healthy, with a touch of makeup and some shine serum for your hair. Flattering wardrobe choices help too. Maybe the most important ingredient to the pretty equation is being comfortable in your own skin — comfortable enough to wear a short skirt and show off your gams.

When pretty girls show off their legs, or their shoulders, or a little bit of cleavage (remember, not all at once!), it isn’t an invitation or a proclamation of sluttiness; it’s an announcement that they’re confident, capable ladies who take pride in their appearances.

I can’t speak for all of my female compatriots, but I even enjoy flattery. I’m not offended to be called pretty or hot. I’m not offended that my husband’s nickname for me is Sexy. I like that he notices my looks and approves. It makes me feel pretty, and that is one of the best parts of being a chick. Well, that and we smell better.

Nothing Wrong with Legs (Or Steven Crowder)


  1. Joy McCann/Little Miss Attila says:

    Are shoulders really the equivalent of cleavage or legs? I mean, I know we try to cover them in church, but are they considered an erotic part of the body?

  2. As Tom Lehrer once said, “When correctly viewed, everything is lewd.”

    The thing about shoulders is that when bared, they suggest a certain fragility to the straps, if there are any straps.

    My own reaction to all this is highly confused: if a woman is willing to show something, I’m certainly willing to look at it, but I’ll probably feel, deep down inside, that I don’t deserve this honor.

  3. I remember taking that photo and commenting at the time that for some reason people would be paying attention to it for reasons other than Stephen Crowder

  4. Joy- shoulders are incredibly sexy, especially when bared in a strapless dress. :-)
    CG- general rule for me is not to display anything I don’t mind people looking at.
    Datech- I was unbelievably flattered by that post. Seriously one of the best compliments ever.

  5. I’ve not heard anyone in the conservative blogosphere talking about her legs… but they should be. Yowza.

  6. hate to burst your bubble, but women don’t smell better than men. take away the deodorant, perfume, etc, and both will smell pretty bad.

  7. Sounds like somebody’s jealous.

  8. Obviously, the urban legends about conservatives being riveted to Fox News & only Fox News, are exactly that…urban legends…

    From the waist down, what she’s wearing is convent attire compared to some of the news ladies on Fox.

  9. karen millen UK says:

    Pretty much everywhere you look-in the stores, on the streets, and at school-you can’t avoid classic cotton leggings. Every girl seems to be wearing leggings, from babies to toddlers to preteens, tweens and even teenagers. They were popular in the 80s and now they are back.

  10. danbonewacker says:

    I like the news; I like girls; I like it when they show ‘a little leg’.. You’ve got a WINNING package there, Mr. Fox. KEP UP THE GOOD WORK. signed big Dan Bonewacker

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