Don’t Tax Kim Kardashian More Than Her Fair Share

Supporters of the Millionaires Tax of 2012 have put out a new video vilifying Kim Kardashian* for making too much money and not paying enough of it back in taxes. She made a cool $12 million in 2010, but only paid only 10.3% in California state taxes. That’s only one percent more than the average Californian.

So. Totally. Unfair.

“Don’t you think she could pay a little bit more?” The ad boldly asks in a chivalrous effort to stick it to the (wo)man and make a stand for the middle calss. The only problem is that the logic this ad uses isn’t based in reality. Kim Kardashian didn’t pay only a leetle bit more in taxes than the average Golden State resident, she paid a yacht-load more.

The average Californian paid $4,371. Kim K paid $1,236,000. She paid over 280 times what the commoners paid.

Now who’s not paying their fair share?

*Let me be clear, there are plenty of reasons to vilify this whiney prima donna, but the amount of money she makes isn’t one of them.

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