Democrat Daphne Campbell Has the Right to Think for Herself

Florida is the latest in a line of states (including South Dakota) that has recently passed bills that would allow pregnant women considering anabortion to make an informed decision. The Florida bills, passed last week by a large majority in the State House of Representatives, include measures that would require mothers to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion, and also outlaw the termination of viable babies in the third trimester.

One freshman representative, Daphne Campbell, was chewed out as a traitor and had her job threatened by follow house member Scott Randolph over her support of the bill. Both politicians are Democrats.

“I was the victim of an altercation by my fellow state representative, Scott Randolph,” said Campbell on Monday. “Several items were thrown in my face, foul language was used against me, and I was insulted and ridiculed in front of all my colleagues. I was called a ‘traitor’ and was told that I was going to be kicked out of office next year.”

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  1. I love US politics. The presidential candidates, the brinkmanship, the trillions of dollars, the weird Tea Party, the religious shamof the presidential candidates, the Iowa Caucus, and most of all the racial bigotry. American politics is so much show-biz, and great value for money. Peoplelike Rick (oops) Perryand Newt (I gotta stop Romney) Gingrich are as such great entertainment. Go Obama! The GOP are such a bunch of goofs.

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