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I just filled up the gas tank on my Yukon. I take that back. I just filled up a little over 3/4 of the gas tank on my Yukon. The pump cuts off at $75 due to some credit card restriction thingy, and since I hate pumping gas, I refuse to re-swipe my card and spend 5 minutes re-punching in my zip code because the computers on those things are archaeic and therefore sllllloooooowww…

Anyway, at $4.05 a gallon, I got about 18 1/2 gallons for my $75. Hopefully it will last more than a week, because $300 a month to spend on gas for my car alone is not exactly in our budget.

On my way home, I swung through the McDonald’s drive-thru for a 42 oz. Diet Coke. We’re out of Coke Zero at home and I wasn’t up for the after-work rush at the grocery store. Plus I have other things I need to get at the store, and if I went for soda, I’d feel too guilty to not do the rest of my shopping too. Besides, McDonald’s has an excellent deal on their 42 oz. sodas — only $1.09!

I like math, so I decided to compare the cost of my car’s fuel with my own fuel. The gasoline works out to 3.16 cents per oz, and the Diet Coke was 2.59 cents per oz. Which means that the stuff I put in my car costs about 22% more than the stuff I put in my body.

Car food is more expensive than people food. Go figure.


  1. True, but a larger portion of the car fuel is Taxes and goes to waste and a very small amount was profit…unlike your McD’s cupa that was mostly profit and just a small amount going to wasteful taxes.

  2. We try to fill our Yukon up when it gets a quarter tank down. three quarters full. Smaller outlays each time and we always have enough to get whereever we need to go without worry.

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