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NEW YORK  — All Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds are being recalled after reports of babies and toddlers dying from strangulation, the federal agency in charge of product safety announced Tuesday — one of the five largest recalls in the agency’s 35-year history.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the recall affects more than 50 million Roman shades and roll-up blinds, which have cords that can get caught around children’s necks.

25 million Roman shades were recalled because an infant’s head can get caught between the cord and the fabric.

CPSC said 5 children have died of strangulation and 16 others have been nearly strangled since 2006 because of the Roman shades, which pose a problem because of space between the inner cord and the shade fabric. The recall affects 25 million Roman shades.

Roll-up blinds have a large loop at the end of the cord that can strangle young children, the CPSC said, adding that 3 children have died from the roll-up blinds’ hazard since 2000. The recall affects 27 million roll-up blinds.

Also being recalled:

Bathtubs:  Almost 100 children die annually by drowning in bathtubs.

Pillows: Suffocation due to soft pillows in the crib is the leading cause of death in babies under age 1.

Extension Cords: Electrical burns to the mouth account for half of the extension-cord-related injuries to young children. They like to chew on them.  The other half probably die from accidental strangulation by the cord.

Cleaning products, medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements, and plants: Poisoning by these common household items is the 5th leading cause of accidental death in young children.

Cars: 250,000 children are harmed each year in traffic accidents, and of those, 2000 die.

Or maybe instead of banning or recalling anything and everything that might be dangerous when improperly used, why don’t we use some common sense?  Take precautions.  If you have young children, childproof your house.  Put the Windex and dish detergent above the fridge instead of under the sink.  Don’t put pillows in your infant’s crib.  Don’t leave babies or toddlers alone in the bathtub-ever. And for heck’s sake- tie up the blind cords so that your kid doesn’t accidentally hang himself.


  1. Just informing you, you may want to research the item being recalled a little bit. Its not curtains with pull strings that are dangerous as you appear to think. Its a curtain with a string running along the inside. Although I agree that children should be monitored, this is definately an “UNNECESSARILY DANGEROUS DEVICE”.

    Cars and bathtubs can kill but at the moment they are as safe as they can be and will only continue to become safer. These curtains though, there is no need to have them when there are so many safer alternatives.

  2. With all of the recalls listed, I have one question: Where are the parents responsible for these children? It amazes me how society blames inanimate objects for their negligence. When will become responsible and be accountable for our children? As a parent, I am aware how quickly young children can move when watchful eyes are distracted. Let’s start becoming responsible for our actions and stop blaming innovative ideas on injury due to negligence.

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