Enviro-Wacko Hypocrites

The Climate Summit kicked off today in Denmark.  Even though the big wigs involved don’t really believe they’ll accomplish anything, and you know, climate change is a hoax anyway.  Government representatives from around the globe will be meeting to discuss how we can combat man-made global warming climate change.  According to Al Gore and other scientists, global warming climate change is caused by carbon emissions.

Those scary carbon emissions are going to kill us all, aren’t they?  The ice caps are melting and soon Florida will be under water!  Everyone panic!  If world leaders were truly convinced about the mass hysteria they’re promoting, I doubt they would’ve flown to Copenhagen in 140 private airplanes.  The airport there can’t handle that many planes, so the planes fly in, drop off their VIP passengers, fly other airports to be stored until the VIPs are ready to be picked up in Copenhagen.  And I doubt that they would have rented 1,200 limos.  They rented so many gas guzzling limos that even more gas had to be guzzled as extras were driven in from Germany and Sweden to accommodate the VIPs.  Guess how many hybrids were rented for the Climate Summit?  Five.


Meanwhile, in the United States, our government now wants to tax our very breaths.  It sounds like a ridiculous, hyperbolic horror story of a tragically oppressive government, but unfortunately, it’s happening right here, right now.

Please contact your Representative and Senators and let them know how you will vote in the next election cycle if they vote yes to bills that will oppress and tyrannize the most down-trodden of Americans.  The ones that won’t be able to afford energy, groceries, or health care (just because they’ll have government health insurance does not mean they’ll have health care) when the costs skyrocket due to excessive government restriction and regulation.  It’s time to start sticking up for the little people.


  1. Funny, this morning on the radio I heard about extensive studies that have documented higher crop yield on higher emissions. Hmmmm. Wonder what they would do with that fact?

  2. If you’re interested in climate change, darwinism, etc. you should consider reading Ann Coulter’s book Godless. It has some really good information about liberal antics.

  3. It’s time to start sticking up for the little people.

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