Fat Guy on a Plane


This says it all.  We Americans are entirely too politically correct.  Why was this man not required to purchase two seats (allegedly from American Airlines)?  Was the airline afraid to hurt his ginormous feelings?  Seriously people- have some common sense!  If you take up the space of two seats, then you need to purchase two seats.  It’s not discrimination, it’s common sense.  And if the fat guy’s feelings get a little bruised?  Well, maybe he would think twice before picking up that double bacon cheeseburger.


  1. Preach it, Sister!

  2. Awesome…. You are so freakin’ funny.

  3. Evalynne Beth says:

    You really shouldn’t be so mean. This guy may have a health issue or something. It may be genetic or something. Not all overweight people are that way because they eat so much. Many have a lower metabalism or have something else going on.

  4. Flight Crew Mom says:

    Evalynne Beth…are you kidding me? (and is this picture photoshopped??) If this guy blocks an aisle way in the airplane, he’s putting every person behind him at risk in case of emergency.

    Sorry, but get out of my way Fat-A**

    and shame on American Airlines!!!

  5. Evalynne Beth – the point is not *how* he got that big; the point is that he’s taking up too much space and should therefore pay for that space.

  6. Life isn’t fair sometimes. It doesn’t matter that his genetics predisposed him to largeness. It is a simple fact that he occupies a certain amount of space. Look at the ferry system. Ferries charge more for trucks than compact cars because trucks take up more space. Why should the airline lose an entire customer’s worth of money because one customer is the size of two?

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