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The Smart Girl Report – Episode 0003

A National Emergency

On Friday, President Obama declared Swine Flue, or H1N1, to be a national emergency.  Why?  Because of the “many millions” that have contracted the illness, more than one thousand have died from it.  Since we have no way of knowing exactly how many that “many millions” actually is, let’s say five million.  That means that 0.02% of the people that contract swine flu end up dying from it.  Maybe the number of swine flu cases is closer to ten million.  That would put the death rate from the disease at 0.01%.

That’s not exactly what I call a national emergency.  I believe the real pandemic is the fear created by the swine flu, and by our government’s overreaction to it.  The fear has been used it to push a “government knows best” agenda in places like New York, where legislation was in place to force health workers to receive the vaccination, or lose their jobs.  That mandate was only removed due to a lack of supply.

Side-note- President Obama assured America that there would be more than enough of the vaccinations to go around (120 million doses by mid-October), yet only about 13 million doses have come through.  So how are we supposed to believe promises by the government that our quality of care will not decrease under a public health option?

Another side-note- Since the vaccine is developed in chicken eggs, the demand for the economical protein source is bound to go up.  According to the laws of economics, the price of eggs will go up as the demand increases and the supply decreases.  Which means that many families that have already given up meat for eggs will have to go to beans and rice.

Let’s get back to that real pandemic- the fear mongering.  A nation preoccupied with a flu “emergency” is more likely to turn a blind eye to the real crises, like the war we’ll lose in Afganistan if we don’t send more troops like we did to win in Iraq, or the falling value of the dollar, or the cap and trade bill that will send energy costs skyrocketing, or the ongoing debate in congress over a $1,000,000,000,000 entitlement program, or the eminent bankruptcy of social security, or… well, you get my drift.

Now is not exactly the time to be declaring a disease with a 99.98% survival rating a national emergency.  As a country, we have bigger things to worry about.

Money Bomb for Doug Hoffman

If you caught The Smart Girl Report this past Wednesday, you got to hear an exclusive interview with conservative candidate Doug Hoffman for the U.S. House of Representatives.  One of the things that we discussed was the difficulty of being a third party candidate, especially in regards to funding.  It’s expensive to run a campaign!  You have to pay for ads, pay salaries, pay for travel, and a slew of other expenses.

Mr. Hoffman’s opponents, Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzafava, have both been funded by their political parties.  The Conservative candidate has had to rely on his personal loans and the contributions of his supporters.

After Doug Hoffman appeared on my show on Wednesday night, his campaign raised $116,000 on Thursday. It might also have something to do with Sarah Palin’s endorsement of him this week. The world may never know- these things are so difficult to pinpoint.

To donate even $5 to Doug Hoffman’s campaign, please visit

The Smart Girl Report – Episode 0002


Most people don’t think of odd-numbered years like 2009 as election years.  But on November 3rd, there will be a few special elections scattered across the country. One of those races is for a seat in the US House of Representatives for the 23rd district of New York.

What makes this race so intriguing is there are three candidates vying for the seat: 2 democrats and a republican.  What makes it even more interesting is that one of those democrats calls herself a republican!  The nerve!

Bill Owens is a liberal, but he at least has the decency to call himself a democrat.  Dede Scozzafava has consistently voted for higher taxes, more spending, and government expansion throughout her political career, is pro-abortion, and thinks card-check is a fantastic idea.  Yet somehow, she’s running as a republican.  I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

Enter conservative candidate Doug Hoffman.  Mr. Hoffman is not a career politician, but a family man and grandfather, a CPA and small business owner, a self made man living the American dream after growing up with three siblings and a single mother.  He never intended to run for congress, but like so many of us, has become fed up with the politicians in Washington that he felt the need to take action.  Mr. Hoffman believes in the integrity and ingenuity of Americans, and that we don’t need a “Big Brother” of a government entrenched in every aspect of our lives.

To learn more about Doug Hoffman or to contribute to his campaign, visit  And don’t forget to tune into The Smart Girl Report on Wednesday October 21st at 10pm EST to hear an exclusive interview with the conservative candidate!

The Smart Girl Report – Episode 0001

No Love for Interracial Love

Terence McKay and Beth Humphrey were given quite a shock when they tried to get married by justice of the peace Keith Bardwell in Louisiana.  Mr. Bardwell refused to sign the license, saying in his experience, interracial marriages did not last long, and that he was concerned for any children the couple might have.

Mr. Bardwell needs to keep up with the times.  While it’s true that many “mixed-race” children suffered identity crises and were often tormented by peers and in their souls in the 1960s and 1970s, in 2009 it’s generally believed that multiracial children don’t fare any better or worse that children of other ethnic categories.  According to Time Magazine:

…a new paper in the Journal of Social Issues shows that multiracial adolescents who identify proudly as multiracial fare as well as — and, in many cases, better than — kids who identify with a single group, even if that group is considered high-status (like, say, Asians or whites).

Look no further than Tiger Woods, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Alicia Keys, Apolo Anton Ohno, or Barack Obama himself to see examples of highly successful multiracial individuals.  Heck, I found several sources online claiming that Winston Churchill was part Native American!  I’m glad that no one told those children they were born to a life of torment and suffering.

And as for the marriages not lasting?  I’d be willing to bet that two 18 year old kids that get married have a much higher chance of divorcing than an interracial couple, based on statistics alone.  It’s a fact that the divorce rate goes up for subsequent marriages, does Mr. Bardwell deny matrimony to couples that had previously been married?

I’m a proponent of individual rights, the rights of citizens to make their own choices, no matter how asinine or archaic they may be.  But if Mr. Bardwell wants to only marry the couples that he believes will “make it,” and who will raise well adjusted children together, he better start requiring premarital counseling before he agrees to marry anyone. It is impossible to determine whether or not two people will have a lifelong marriage or raise happy, healthy children based on outward appearances alone.

President Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize

Um… ok…


Charles Rangel Needs To Go

Congressman Rangel is U.S. Representative from New York, and he serves as the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  The Ways and Means Committee handles the financial matters of legislation.  That is to say- tax code.  All bills regarding taxation must go through the Ways and Means Committee before they go anywhere else in Congress.  To be on the committee is a pretty big deal, and to be the head of it is an even bigger deal.  Only seven of the 435 U.S. Representatives have offices in the actual Capital building, and the Chairman of the House and Means Committee is one of them (along with The Speaker, Majority and Minority Leaders and Whips, and the Appropriations Committee Chairman). The Ways and Means Committee has an incredibly wide influence, with legislation including welfare reform, Medicare prescription drug benefits, social security reform, tax cuts, and trade agreements (to name a few) going through it.  Needless to say, Charles Rangel is in a very powerful position to shape policy in our country.

So what kind of man is one of our most powerful legislators?  What kind of man is the one occupying the role in charge of introducing bills on financial matters to Congress, to be voted on by the House and Senate and signed into law by the President?  Bills that will affect the wallets of every American as various taxes are imposed?  What kind of man has such enormous power over the finances of America?

Charles Rangel is a serial tax cheat so corrupt he makes Tim Geitner look like a fourth grader caught cheating on a spelling test.

He failed to disclose income from multiple rental properties in New York and the Dominican Republic. He accepted considerable financial gifts, in violation of the House gift ban (say, isn’t that what Duke Cunningham is jail for?).  He kept numerous assets hidden.  He took bribes to cut taxes for companies that didn’t feel like paying them.  When confronted about half a million dollars found in two hidden accounts, he claimed that he forgot about them.

Why in the world is this man in charge of writing and/or introducing tax code to Congress?  Why would anyone want a tax cheat in charge of the committee that introduces legislation to raise your taxes?  What reason does he have to be mindful of the tax burden on Americans?  Of course he doesn’t care if taxes go up- he doesn’t pay them!

Obviously, this man needs to be removed from his position on the Ways and Means Committee, if not from the House of Representatives itself.  That’s a given, right?  Right?

Then why did The House vote today to keep him as the chairman of the Ways and Means committee?

The House voted 246-153 along mostly partisan lines to refer a GOP resolution to remove Rangel to the House ethics committee. The Democratic maneuver rendered the Republican effort meaningless, since Democratic leaders have said they have no intention of removing Rangel while the ethics committee is conducting a long-term investigation of his conduct.

I’m venturing a guess that all of those that voted not to have him removed from his position are hiding some unpaid taxes or other misdeeds themselves.  Why else would they not be outraged by Rangel’s outrageous behavior?

The Clothes We Wear

Clothes define us.  Well, they at least offer an indication of our profession, our personalities, our interests, and even our station in life.

My daughter is in elementary school, and her uniform tells the people that she is a student in a private school.  They may not know which school, or whether or not she receives tuition assistance, but they can clearly see that she’s a child whose parents are practicing school choice (just like the Obamas do).

My husband is a software guy.  His “nice” work clothes are dark wash jeans with no holes in the knees, and a button down shirt I got for $25 at Costco. It’s a far cry from the clothes of my own father, who as a lawyer wore suits on a daily basis.

My pastor wears a robe on Sunday mornings.

A while ago, while shopping at Target, I was bewildered by the number of people asking me to help them find products in the store. Until I realized that I was wearing khaki pants and a red shirt.

Costuming is a huge industry in the movie world, and even has it’s own Academy Award category. Costumes are clothes that create authenticity and lend a sense of reality to shows.

Clothing is an important part of being human.  It is comforting to be able to identify people by the clothes they wear, and it is comforting to be able to project an image of ourselves to others.

President Obama understands this.  Which is why he made sure that the White House passed out white lab coats to 150 doctors that attended a speech and photo-op in DC yesterday.  Don’t be fooled.  Whether or not those 150 men and women are actually doctors, those labs coats were just costumes; props strategically used to project an image that the medical field supports the President’s goal of a government run health care option.

Don’t be fooled.