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The Hospital Lies & a Baby Dies

I feel dizzy and sick from reading this article about a Brooklyn nurse  who was strong-armed into assisting with a late term abortion at the risk of losing her job.

 Bosses told the weeping Cenzon-DeCarlo the patient was 22 weeks into her pregnancy and had preeclampsia, a condition marked by high blood pressure that can lead to seizures or death if left untreated.

The supervisor “claimed that the mother could die if [Cenzon-DeCarlo] did not assist in the abortion.”

But the nurse, the niece of a Filipino bishop, contends that the patient’s life was not in danger. She argued that the patient was not even on magnesium therapy, a common treatment for preeclampsia, and did not have problems indicating an emergency.

Her pleas were rejected, and instead she was threatened with career-ending charges of insubordination and patient abandonment, according to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court.

She stated:

“I emigrated to this country in the belief that here religious freedom is sacred,” Cenzon-DeCarlo said. “Doctors and nurses shouldn’t be forced to abandon their beliefs and participate in abortion in order to keep their jobs.”

Religious freedom only seems to be sacred these days as long it involves “dignified” sati.  I have to wonder, if the nurse was falsely led to believe this was a neccessary procedure to save the life of the mother, did the hospital lie to the mother as well, or did the hospital lie for the mother?  Either way, it’s simply unacceptable. 

Galen Sherwin (the director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Reproductive Rights Project) said,

“The law provides protections for individuals who object to performing abortions, but at the same time, health-care professionals are not permitted to abandon patients.”

What about the baby? Who’s patient was the baby?  Why does a woman’s right to an abortion for any reason supersede a fully formed, tiny little person’s right to life? I can’t decide if that’s discrimination based on the age or the residency of the baby. Maybe both.

Stupid is as Stupid does

Last night I watched in horror as President Obama slandered police officers as racist and stupid.  He said, “Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in own home[sic],”  in reference to an incident last week regarding the Cambridge Police Department and Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates.  Apparently Gates (who happens to be black) didn’t have his house keys, so he decided to break into to his own home.  A neighbor saw him and called the police.  The police showed up, and asked Gates for his ID, presumably to establish residence.

Sounds like a funny story to tell over cocktails, doesn’t it?  Too bad he wasn’t in his bathrobe, that would’ve been even funnier!  How often does someone almost get arrested for breaking into their own house?  Unfortunately, this did not turn into an anecdote for cocktail parties.  According to the police report filed by arresting officer James Crowley, upon being asked for proof that he actually lived there, Gates threw a tantrum saying, “NO I WILL NOT,” and “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO BLACK MEN IN AMERICA!”

He was then placed under arrest.  But not for breaking and entering.  He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, which he clearly displayed.  So no, the Cambridge Police Department did not act stupidly, as President Obama declared, but were acting prudently to protect the public.  Isn’t that a police officer’s job?  Investigate suspicious activities and arrest people when they violate the law?  Let’s see… someone reported a man breaking into a house, and the police investigated the situation.  Ok, so far so good.  The police found the man inside the house, and asked for his identification.  Is that still ok?  The man then refused to cooperate with the uniformed police officers, and threatened them, saying, “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”  The police then arrested the man for disorderly conduct.  What exactly did the Cambirdge Police do that was stupid, Mr. President?

As if the President hadn’t already done enough to damage the moral of law enforcement everywhere by his flippant comment, he continued to malign police officers as not only stupid, but racist as well.  “What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately,” Obama said. “That’s just a fact.” 

Maybe, just maybe, a disproportionate amount of African-Americans and Latinos are stopped by law enforcement because a disproportionate amount of them commit crimes as compared to other ethnicities (like Asians, for example).  As the Prez says, That’s just a fact

Apparently I wasn’t the only American upset by Obama’s stupid and racist remarks.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said this morning, “Let me be clear, he was not calling the officer stupid…at a certain point the situation got far out of hand.”  Yeah, like maybe when the suspect refused to cooperate with the police, and acted in a belligerent and threatening manner.  Obama not only called Sgt. Crowley stupid, he implied that police officers everywhere are stupid, and racist to boot!

Since Obama likes to make such a big show of apologizing to countries across the globe on America’s behalf, it shouldn’t be too difficult him to personally apologize on his own behalf to Sgt. Crowley, to policemen and women everywhere, and to his constituents for his own stupid decision to make such a stupid remark.

Making a Big Deal of Race and Gender

So much for the president that was going to unite our country and help us  move beyond the color of a person’s epidermis or the make-up of their 26th chromosome.  I think I’ve heard more about race and gender relations in the past six months than I have in my entire life.

I have a vivid memory of the first time I realized that “black” people looked different than ‘white” people.  I was in summer care at The Boys and Girls Club, because both of my parents worked.  My best friend the summer I was seven had darker skin than me, but I never noticed it.  That is until I overheard some well meaning day camp counselor pointing out how nice it was that a white girl and a black girl were so chummy.  What did “white” and “black” mean in terms of describing us?  I looked at her, and I looked at myself.  I asked my friend if she knew what our counselor meant, and she said it had to be our hair, because she had black hair, and she’d once heard someone describing blond hair as white.  But that didn’t make sense to me, because as a blond, my hair was definitely yellow, not white.  So being the precocious seven year olds that we were, we asked our counselor what she meant by the comment.

The answer was confusing to us both.  She told us that “black” and “white” was our skin color.  That made about as much sense as my hair being white.  Anyone with eyes could see that her skin was brown and mine was peach.  At least, those were the crayon colors we chose when drawing self portraits.  And even if our skin was a different color, why would that have anything to do with our friendship?  We were stumped.  So we stopped worrying about it and resumed playing.

In the years since then, I have obviously become aware of the hardship and discrimination that once affected the dark-skinned citizens of our country.  I have become educated on the fight for gender equality in the workplace.  Until recently, I considered myself blessed to live in a time and place in which skin color and gender didn’t matter any more than eye or hair color.  Sure, a brunette and a red head are different, but it just doesn’t matter in terms of a person’s integrity or work ethic.  It didn’t matter that I was a girl.  No one was going to keep me out of the best schools or jobs based on that fact.  As long as I was willing to do the work, and I did a good job, I was rewarded.

We seem to have back-peddaled into racism.  In the Obama era, we are racists if we disagree with the President’s policies.  Our attorney general Eric Holder calls us racists if we refuse to acknowledge race.  And we’re going to have a United States Supreme Court Justice that believes she makes better decisions than others based on her skin color and gender.

I don’t want a black President just because he’s black anymore than I want a female President just because she’s female.  And I certainly don’t want a justice on the highest court in the US that believes she is superior to others based on skin tone and gender.  Those things are irrelevant to the tasks at hand, and they are racist.  They elevate one demographic over another for NO reason.

I am NOT saying that we shouldn’t have a black president, or woman Secretary of State, or a one armed Secretary of Defense, or a red headed  Chief of Staff, or anyone else serving the country that is not an old and plump white dude.  I’m just saying that it should not matter.

I hope that someday the liberals in our country will be able to move past the race and gender issue.  Until then, I guess racism is alive and well.  Only now it’s directed toward pale men.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words



Spread it around? That’s for thee, not for me!

So what if Michelle Obama carries a $6,000 handbag?  Or if she wears $500 sneakers?  Or if she chooses to send her children to a school that charges more than most colleges do for tuition?  Or if she and her husband go on a date that costs tens of thousands of dollars?  Isn’t that one of the fantastic things about living in the United States?  We get to chose how to spend our money, however frivolous it might seem to others.

However, I do have a problem when those same people want to raise my taxes in order to spread the wealth around.  I have a problem when those people cut voucher programs to poor families that would’ve allowed them the same opportunity of education for their own children.  I have a problem when those people donate paltry sums of their income to charity, while at the same time telling me that it’s patriotic to pay higher taxes.  I have a problem when my electricity bill might double or triple by next summer so that those people invested in the failing green energy companies get richer.

I have a problem when the rich people in this country don’t put their money where their mouth is.  If President Obama is serious about spreading the wealth around, and equality for all, I’ll take him seriously when he stops enjoying the benefit of his hard-earned wealth and learns to live on the $50,000 per year or less than the average American household does.  After all, he shouldn’t expect me to part with my purse/shoe/tuition/date money if he’s not willing to do the same.

Palin Resigns as Governor

Last Friday, Sarah Palin announced that she would not seek reelection for a second term as Alaska’s Governor.  In addition to that, she stated that she would be resigning as of July 26, 2009, and turning over her gubernatorial duties to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell. 

And then the speculation began. 

Is she bailing on her responsibilities as Governor?  Maybe.  But then again Obama bailed on his Senatorial duties to become President.  Did he not have a duty to finish his term before accepting a new position?  What about former Governors Kathleen Sebelius and Janet A. Napolitano?  They bailed on their states to serve on Obama’s cabinet.  What about Biden and Emmanuel?  Where’s the public outrage over those (and many other) people bailing on their responsibilities as elected officials in order to pursue other interests?

Is she abandoning her constituents?  Absolutely not.  If anything, she’s protecting them.  The numerous nonsense ethics suits that have been against her have cost Alaska millions of dollars, not to mention the drain on her time and personal resources.  By stepping down, she will probably save Alaskan tax payers many more millions of dollars.  How many teachers and troopers and wild life preserves could have been funded with the money already wasted on investigations as to whether her jacket met certain ethical guidelines? 

What’s next?  My favorite speculation came from a hardcore MSNBC watching liberal friend of mine who wondered if she was considering a run for the Presidency in 2012, or “if she was going to become of fox news anchor.”  Because I’m sure the next best thing to being President is hanging out at the Fox News Studio and reading a teleprompter into a camera.  Actually, change the location to the White House Press Room, and that pretty much defines Obama’s Presidency, doesn’t it?

I don’t know what’s next for Mrs. Palin, but in a few weeks, she’ll no longer be tied down by her gubernatorial ropes, and the sky will be the limit.  I hope she soars.